Let the fun begin…

It’s been a busy week on the Ridge…the garden is really flourishing this year. It took a bit of watering and an applicatuion of some nasty smelling organic fertilizer, but things are really growing nicely. The peas are out of control…they are growing above the 3 foot fence we put up for them to climb. My favorite type of pea is called Wando. They grow 3-5 foot tall and produce scads of peas even during the hottest weather. So far, I have cannned 9 pints and we picked twice as many last eve. Pretty exciting, we LOVE peas!! This morning, I picked the first zucchini and seven more cucumbers. Just three days of busyness, and the cucumbers have gone wild. I may have to make pickles. This morning when I watered, I noticed the first little green tomatoes starting to form. This year I have three kinds: Romas, Rutgers and Celebrity. The strawberries are over with a respectable showing after the worst berry weather in years. We made pies, strawberry spinach salads, jam and  I also froze berries for the winter. We got about 70 quarts; just about half of last year’s yield. The blueberries are also spotty this year. The birds and chipmunks seem to disregard the netting and traps and help themselves with abandon. We will get a few quarts but nothing like last year. It looks like the canning/freezing season has officially begun. I know I’m going to be VERY thankful for our new central air this year. Until next time, Paula

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