I’m a slacker!!

Somehow maintaining this blog is always at the bottom of my list. I have good intentions and even make lists of things to blog about; but at the end of the day, I really just don’t have it in me to think too hard or do any research. Hubby chides me gently about being a slacker…he doesn’t use that exact word, but he does have a hard time with me just sitting and doing “nothing.” He thinks I should: write a book, run a Bed and Breakfast, teach seminars, produce enough food for our local Co-Op, get on a speaking circuit, go to Farmer’s Market and join a few committees.
Lest you head for the noose and get in line to string him up, I am the first to admit that he is right…I am a slacker!!
I do have a crazy life…five grown children and their spouses, 11  precious grandchildren, 9 goats, 30+ chickens, 40 raised beds, an in-home Day Care business, aging parents, plus the usual round of church and civic duties. Toss in house guests for five weekends out of six and a wedding on the sixth weekend…yes, our summer has been pretty hectic.
Being a locavore is pretty challenging too…no junk in our fridge. Everything is made from scratch which also means more dishes and more equipment to clean. The summer becomes a race to plant, harvest and preserve enough food to last for a whole year. Obviously this was a joint decision but the brunt of the picking and preserving lands on me since I technically take at least Fridays “off” for the summer.
I sense that some of you are still thinking my husband needs a good beating…some days I might hold him down for you…but seriously, no one is forcing me to do this. This is the lifestyle I choose. We all make choices about how we will spend our days and what we will feed our families and what we do with our free time.
I have become friends with two sisters…last year they decided to begin gardening. Neither of them had any previous garden experience and both have super crazy lives. Sister #1 is VERY active in the political arena, runs her own consulting company, works in a county office, delivers newspapers, is launching two daughters and has so many irons in the fire that I cannot imagine when she sleeps. Sister #2 works full-time, started a company with her husband, has four children from kindergarten to college and is in the process of having a book published!!  In spite of all that or in addition to that, they are in their second successful year of growing and preserving food. I am in awe of them…when I look at my life compared to theirs…I am a slacker!!
Anyway…here’s a blog post…I’m taking the afternoon off!!PaulaProduce


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  1. You are not a slacker! It’s hard to blog! Thanks for the shout out…I kindof figured it out! : ). By the way…I so love this pic!

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