Goat Update 2011.08.22

Still one goat that is pretty sick but she’s still hanging on.

Took another fecal specimen to the vet today, now they are saying “full of hook worms.”

We’ll use Ivomectrin for the pregnant does and Valbasin for the other goats (apparently Ivomectrin is safer for pregnant animals.)

We spoke to another owner who uses medicated feed; but that is so against what we are trying to do. If we have to use medicated feed, what’s the sense of raising your own meat? And what will you do when you can’t GET medicated feed?

Paula found a site that talks about herbal remedies for goats, we’re going to look into that.


Goat Update 2011.08.22 — 2 Comments

  1. FYI, I have tried the herbal wormers from a ‘well known’ site… I did not have good luck with them. Granted, they are based more on prevention. They might work like that, but I was not good about getting in the goats feed on a good schedule. I would not rely on them to rid your goats of worms though….

    • Yes, I agree – if goats need wormed, they need “real” medicine. My hope is that we can get our little herd healthy, and then worm them annually or semi-annually. Goats are not animals that should be chronically medicated – it ruins their natural immune system. Once goats are acclimated to a healthy environment they should not need chronic medication – routine checks and appropriate “spot treatment” when needed should be sufficient.
      I am not opposed to appropriate use of medication – but in livestock as well as humans, I am opposed to over medicating. The chronic use of medication does NOT constitute “preventative care” – at least not in my book.
      We’ve never tried the “herbal” remedies on goats (beyond what they get from the pasture!) so I’m not sure if we’ll get reall “into” that route or not this time around. Thanks for the comment, though – as I said, I totally agree.

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