Goat Update

Well, we lost three and gained one (who may be pregnant.) The farm where we purchased our goats replaced the ones we lost with a doe that has been exposed to a buck. (Thanks Amber!)

We still have one doe that is very ill, with severe scours and weight loss. We are treating our little herd for coccidiosis right now; as mentioned previously, we had trouble getting sulfa drugs so we tried treating with Tetracycline but it was not effective – specimens sent to the vet were still loaded with the cocci bacillus. We have sulfa now, which we are using for the cocci, to be followed with an aggressive worm regimen. We initially tried SafeGuard for the worms but we have since learned that SafeGuard is pretty worthless for treating goats. We are now going to try Valbazin and see if we can get these critters dewormed.

We did find out that these animals were on a “maintenance” routine of medications, which may have contributed to our problems. We do not normally medicate our animals unless needed; continuous medication regimens tend to weaken an animal’s natural immune system and make them more susceptible to stress and disease. Our hope is that once we get the herd stabilized we can get their immune systems built back up and hopefully put these problems behind us. We have never had an experience like this with  goats before (and I hope we never do again!)

Today we cleaned the goat stall and expanded it – I’ll try to post pics in the next few days.

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