Global Warming and Honeybee Colony Collapse: A Study in Contrasts

Obama recently announced he is aggressively pursuing plans to halt the largely theoretical threat of global warming. It is interesting to note that Global Warming Theology has become a multi billion dollar industry.

In contrast, a very real and eminent threat is represented by Honeybee Colony Collapse. One of the obvious concerns is the link between pesticide use and colony collapse.  Evidence of this link is strong enough that the European Union is taking the precautionary measure of banning the most likely pesticide culprit. Yet, according to Jim Jones of the EPA “As a matter of policy, we let the science lead our regulatory decision-making, and we want to make sure that we make accurate and appropriate regulatory decisions as opposed to things that could lead to meaningful societal cost without any benefit whatsoever.”

What this really means is “Monsanto makes a major portion of their profit from pesticides, and they pretty much tell us here at the FDA, USDA and the EPA what to do – and what not to do. So, even though our food supply, and possibly our very survival, is at stake, we’re choosing to do nothing, because that’s what the deadly six chemical companies want us to do.”

As Brad Plummer notes in the Washington Post “It’s an interesting study in contrasts. The link between pesticides and bee die-offs is still subject to some dispute. So, in the face of uncertainty, the European Commission is erring on the side of the environment — voting to ban neonicotinoids for two years just in case they really are to blame for the bee collapse.

The United States, meanwhile, is erring on the side of certain economic interests — it’s still not clear that neonicotinoids are to blame, and pesticides are a billion-dollar industry, so regulators are moving slowly in setting restrictions.”

But global warming… boy, now THERE is something to be really afraid of… maybe… we think… but anyway, lots of Al Gore’s proselytes are making a bundle off of it, so let’s all jump on that band wagon, right?

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