Getting Ready for Winter

We’ve been enjoying the nice cool fall days as we get ready for winter. The last two days have been beautiful– mid to high 60’s and sunny…perfect working weather. I gave the yard a final (hopefully) mowing and got rid of some pesky leaves in the process. We don’t have any trees in our “yard” but plenty of woods behind the house which send leaves tumbling into the yard. So I just mow them back to the woods 🙂 I pulled up the pepper plants…so sad because they were covered in little peppers but the plastic blew off the night we had freezing rain and they are toast. Next year I MUST have a greenhouse!! I got rid of the remnants of the last dirt pile…just added it to one of the sparse looking garden beds. I cleaned up around the chicken coop and did some weeding and cutting in the flower beds. The mums were so pretty but the dead stuff was detracting…now it’s pretty again. Slowly but surely, we are putting away garden things, toys and deck furniture. It’s kinda bare looking out there but better than seeing it all buried under the snow because we procrastinated.

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