Garden Planning, Family Valentine’s Party

Our kids and grandkids came to visit today and have some family time. The grown ups went over garden plans while the kids watched a movie, then we played a memory game and put a puzzle together with the kids.

We (Paula and I) have decided that we will be getting our seeds from someplace other than the major seed companies this year, so it’s taking a little planning to get our garden list ready.

We discussed all the minutiae of planning a garden with the kids; this was a “dry run” for Paula’s upcoming seminar (see the details here; if you’re putting in a garden this year you’ll want to attend this seminar!) 

Paula made miniature heart shaped individual meat loaves for dinner, served with a wonderful sprout and carrot salad and baked corn. We had the heart shaped spice cakes for dessert. Yum, yum!

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