Fruit Tree Seminar!!!

This coming Saturday, February 4th we will be hosting a fruit tree seminar. Roger, a 35 year veteran of the orchard industry, will be coming to show us how to prune and care for our small orchard. He is willing to present this info to a small crowd of our guests also. We are excited to offer this opportunity to learn from a professional. He does charge for his time so we are asking a $10 donation per person for this seminar. Please call ASAP to reserve a spot. We will gather at the main house at 8:00 am for coffee and goodies. Roger is scheduled to arrive at between 8:30 & 9:00am but I would like us to be gathered and ready as he has other appointments that day. Expect this seminar to last 1  1/2 -2 hours. Call to reserve your spot 814-437-1920.




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