Another reason to eat “close to home.”

Last night we watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Interesting documentary advocating raw vegetable “juice fasts.”

We discussed the fact that we may be interested in this, but we may have to wait until our own crop of vegetables comes on…

While the people in the video are after weight loss and better health, I was actually encouraged by the fact that they were eating a maximum of fresh raw fruits and vegetables and minimum of protein and seemed to be doing fine with that. I’d like to decrease the protein in my diet as part of my overall plan, since protein is expensive to produce, process, and store. What we got out of this video is that we need to plan our garden more around root crops and veggies that work well for long term storage in a natural state… and we may need to “detoxify” ourselves periodically.

Also, from the standpoint of our mission and philosophy, a mainly plant based diet is easier to teach and “export” and easier to sustain in less economically blessed circumstances.

The cost of doing the “juice fasts” in the movie did highlight the fact that even if you’re a vegetarian, if you’re eating foods that travel thousands of miles to get to you, it’s still expensive – not to mention petroleum-dependent. On the other hand, if you’re adjusting your diet this way and growing most of your own sustenance, this could be quite economical I think.


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