Always an experiment…

I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting this year:

Tried starting my seedlings in cups (see previous post) instead of flats. I was not impressed with the ease of using pots and the health of the plants…so…I replanted my cruciferous veggies in the flats this weekend. I think I will do the vines in cups but not the tiny ones I have.

I made some blueberry bread…used wheat bread dough and rolled it (like for cinnamon rolls)…I crushed the blueberries into paste in my little food processor and smeared them on the bread and rolled it up.  It needed a bit more cinnamon and possibly a loaf pan to keep it from spreading…but it was yummy.

I made a second batch of yogurt and added a tsp. of Knox gelatin to the heating milk…it was awesome!! Thick and sweet like Greek yogurt…it didn’t need a sweetener, we just sliced strawberries over the top of it.

Today I am trying a raw sauerkraut recipe. It is made in a quart jar on the counter and uses the whey from my yogurt. It should take three days to ferment. I’ll keep you posted.

Still thinking about the 100 Mile Challenge but that is a serious commitment and requires tons of research and effort. I’ve quit buying grapes from Chile and peppers from mexico

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