Crazy Winter!! Happy New ? Year!!

Winter is usually our down time…we spend the days doing paperwork, rearranging photos, poring over seed catalogs and planning our projects for the next year. This year has been a bit crazy.

It started the end of November with Hubby having an unexpected medical event that involved 18 days in the hospital and several trips to Pittsburgh (90 miles away) and looking like some on-going monitoring for the next several months…that really messed up the holidays and put us a bit behind for the New Year.BigOak

The weather has been typical for Northwest Pennsylvania…rain and snow and sleet and hail…the postman’s dilemma. 🙂 We’ve had a few snowstorms and some 60 degree weather, all in the same week…that’s Pennsylvania!sunrise

I am now in the throes of tax preparation. I’m also doing some preliminary garden mapping, checking my seed supply and thinking about fresh greens. We’re also waiting on baby goats…due any time now.

lightpole2January is the season of family birthdays too. Our eldest turned 36 this year…that makes us feel old. Last year at this time, we were awaiting the birth of grand-baby #10…hard to believe wee Maggie is going to be one next week. Eli, #4 will be 10, Tristian, #5 will be 8 and Armour, #6 will be 6…CRAZY!!IMGP3716IMGP3616IMGP3628IMGP3652ArmourPuzzle

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