Cleaned out the chicken coop

*Chicken coop under snow*

*View towards the pond from my back door*

*The cow shed surrounded by hay*

Today I had some help from Matt and we cleaned out the chicken coop and put in new sawdust. I learned that its good to have a tarp to cover sawdust while driving or you lose half of it. We need a 4×4 4wheeler. Trying to move the old chicken crap with 2wd in the snow was just rough.

I am actually impressed with how well the old farm truck does with such lousy tires. I am praying and watching for some nice mud terrains for it, that would actually make it really usuable.

Tonight should be fun. My sisters are in town for thanksgiving and we are having a spaghetti dinner together tonight. Then tomorrow will be the big T-day. Always nice to hang with family.

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