Chicken Feeding Strategy – Winter Months

This is our winter months chicken feeding.

We have a 5 gallon hanging feeder that I have been filling once a day. This seems to last them all day and there is usually a little left over in the morning.
We are using a mix of two feeds. I mixed 1 50lb bag of Layer crumbles, and 1 50lb bag of grower crumbles.
We have been using a bucket to water them since it’s freezing I have to knock the ice out every day and refill.

We have already started getting eggs, but we do not have a light yet to help regulate them.

Cattle feeding strategy – Winter months

This is the winter feeding schedule for the cattle in the winter.

Approx 6 pounds of dry shelled corn per animal (we have 3 steer so they get approx 17-18 pounds), once in the morning and once in the evening.
We keep fresh round bales of hay available for them to eat from. We have to pull this apart some everyday so they can get at it.
We also give them a quart of dried crushed mineral supplement every day.

Ours 3 cattle have been drinking approx 15-20 gals of water a day. This seems a little low to me from what I have read.


Hopefully coming this spring


Final Pork Costs
Well folks, the numbers are in…

The initial cost of purchasing two piglets was $90.00. We incurred $89.61 in fees for bedding and medical supplies. Total feed costs were $261.63 for 1250# of feed. Total processing fees were $267.10. The grand total for raising these pigs was $708.34 Total weight for the four halves was 306 lbs. So the total cost per pound was $2.31 lb.

This cost does not take in to account the $175.17 that Ryan spent to revamp the pig/calf shed. That would make the cost about $2.88 lb (less if we assign a bit of that to the calves).

The costs could have been a bit lower if we would have found the wood chip guy sooner. (I did not include the few bucks Dad was giving him or the gas to haul the chips). Not much we could do about the feed costs because we were just about on target with the 600# necessary to raise an animal. The wormer and antibiotic was a bit spendy also, but again, another necessary evil of raising animals.

This morning the animals’ water was frozen…another thing we’ll have to deal with.
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Cows are being wintered over.

We were going to try to a) move the steer to the lawn on the west side of the house and b) plow the existing pasture to prepare for re-seeding. We were going to try to get this done this year however it’s already too wet in the pasture to plow and it will soon freeze. SO …

Plan B is to get some hay, leave the steer where they are at (for now) and do a frost planting in the spring (frost planting does not require plowing).

In the meantime Tara is going to analyze the feed needs and I am going to check with JR Byers on getting a custom feed mix for the remainder of winter; hopefully that will get some weight on these critters and get them ready to butcher.


As noted in the meeting minutes, we’ve decided to do two breeds of chickens, one meat and one egg.

We need to move on to the layout and expense of housing for these creatures.