Busy day at the Farm!

Up at 7:00 a.m. Got 3 loads of gravel to work on our garden paths. I love having a truck! Our little Dodge is a 3/4 ton truck, and in 3 loads we got 2 1/2 tons of gravel. Pretty good eye ballin’. All the little helpers from the old house showed up to assist with the path building (and they really help.) They also helped to clear debris from the flower beds.

At noon we went to “mom’s house” for a family get together for Easter. It was good to see all my siblings. We played a couple rounds of Apples to Apples and ate lots of food, including home made ginger cookies, mince meat pie and pumpkin pie.

By the time we got home Ryan and Shelli had a good start on a new chicken coop. This will be a smaller coop to house the meat chickens.

Paula and I got started on the new steps. We mixed up mortar and cemented the blocks in place that will make the faces of the new steps.

I helped Ryan with the new coop for a while longer; Paula gave Tristian a bath and put her to bed while Shelli went and cleaned the church.

Jon is here for Easter; we finally ate supper at 8:00 p.m. and now we’re settling in for the night. Whew!

Planting Season has Officially Begun

Remember the new plant starting stand I built a few months back? Well, it’s finally being put to use. We filled the three trays with dirt and planted some seeds tonight. In just a few weeks we’ll transplant our seedlings to paper cups and move them out to the greenhouse (which isn’t done yet.)

Step by Step …

We started to fix the steps that lead from the lower driveway up to the “big house”. I’m using bricks to build new faces on the steps, and rocks from the old barn foundation (and the woods) along the edges to keep the “theme” going. We’ll pour 4 inch thick concreted for each of the steps and hopefully that will last for a while.

I can’t complain really – the current steps have been there, I think for five years. Considering they were build out of old concrete slabs from an old sidewalk taken from another house, they’ve held up pretty well.

Fish for Free days

Mark your calendars…this year the fish for free days are:
Saturday May 23rd (Memorial Day weekend) and Sunday June 7th (traditional birthday at the lake day).

Let’s all plan to drown some worms and eat yummy picnic food!!

Building a Garden

We spent Saturday morning with our friends Claude and Elizabeth building them a spanking new Lasagna Garden from scratch. It was so awesome. We loaned them the Lasagna Garden book and they actually read it. They came out to Big Oak Ridge and had breakfast with us, then we went out to look at our garden and explain it to them a little bit. I ran down to the sand and gravel before they arrived and got a load of topsoil. After breakfast and the garden tour we threw a load of chicken manure on the truck behind the topsoil and headed for Claude and Elizabeth’s.

When we got there we were blown away by their preparations. They already had the cardboard pretty much laid out for the base layer, and and they had peat, leaves, and shredded paper for additional layers.

We spread some peat, shoveled on some manure, added the paper and the topsoil. Their urban garden consists of two 22 foot rows with an 18 inch path in between. We covered the path with wood chips.

Forum updates

I’ve updated the calendar events (not the google calendar yet, just the list on the forum.)

God has really been blessing our time together on Sundays; I’m looking forward to the things He’s leading us into.

More fence taking shape, preparation for planting, etc.

We’ve been pounding fenceposts per the “farm schedule”. Hope to have some new fence up soon.
The worms are doing really well.
I built a “growing rack” for starting plants – pictures to follow soon.

For anyone who wishes to come out on a Saturday, please remember to call first and see what’s on the agenda. This weekend we’ll be helping some friends get their own “Lasagna Garden” started.

No home group on Easter.

Forum Updated

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong on the forum, and I have all the notes posted now. I also owe Randy an apology; he mentioned doing something for the kids last week – I totally forgot that I was planning on doing a little something in honor of St. Patrick’s day. So far I’ve missed Purim AND St. Patty’s – I’ll try to get my act together and do better in the future.

More work on Saturday

Saturdays are work days here on the farm and we have been trying to clear some more pasture for cows and goats. I borrowed a log splitter for the weekend and so we cut up all the trees that were down and got all the big stuff split. Now we just have to get it all up and stacked.

More from the Satuday work day.

After lunch today, the kids and the women made noodles. I went back out and cut more trees and dad burned more brush. They had fun learning to make noodles, and they all got to wear their aprons like the chefs do.

Later dad and I assembled the plant growing rack he had cut out. I think it turned out pretty well. Dad was going to finish it tonight. Just needs to add the lights and ready to start the seeds for the gardens.