Ambassador from Big Oak Ridge

Bought the new camper and picked it up Tuesday. We are going to be traveling around the country, working, homeschooling, and checking out what other farms and camps are doing. You can follow the adventure at and

Chickens to slaughter

At 5am the meat chickens were loaded in the truck to goto slaughter. Some of them were pretty heavy. Should be good eatin’.

More Changes Coming

I’ve struggled with the posts in the forum under “Calendar of Events” for a long time; they sort by default by “date/time posted” and you have to manually re-sort them by title to get them in order. So …
I’ve decided to rely more on the Google calendar that we’ve been using.

For those of you who enjoy techie stuff, Ryan has figured out how to sync this calendar with Ipods and other devices using Thunderbird (this may be possible with other interfaces as well).

In any case, from now on the actual SCHEDULE will be posted on the Google calendar. The Forum will have a new space called “Meeting Notes” or “Event Notes” or something to that effect. I will post the notes for each meeting/event there, and I will post them in chronological order so that they show up in chronological order.

I think this will help avoid confusion and hopefully make the forum more user friendly.

The Truth Project comes to Big Oak Ridge

Paula and I finished the Truth Project last night. Powerful presentation. We’ll be starting the Truth Project at Big Oak Ridge on October 4. I started a group sign up on the Truth Project website. Click on “join a small group” and search by state or zip, you’ll find “Big Oak Ridge” listed. Please join the group if you plan on attending. I’m really looking forward to this. I signed up as a leader to get the group registered but I think Tony and I will actually be co-leading. I’ll get this on the schedule of events on the forum soon.

the sober truth about “population control”

This is the true result of the West’s preoccupation with “population control”

You sow to the wind, you reap to the whirlwind. (Hosea 8:7)

Canning season in full swing

We’ve officially entered the “canning season”, starting with pickles and relish. The cucumbers this year are awesome – lots of them and they taste great. We also put more blueberries in the freezer along with some beets. Between the vegetable harvest and the “meat harvest” it’s going to be crush time here at Big Oak Ridge for a while – but we are thankful!

New piece of equipment

This is our new grinder. His name is Jack (see, it even says so.)

My mom gave us this old workhorse earlier today, and we immediately put him to work making relish. Worked pretty well – a little slower than the food processor, but gave a nicer texture to the ground vegetables. And Jack is actually easier to clean too!

I think we’re going to like Jack.

Forum updates

I updated the notes as best as I could for home group; there are a few days in May that we simply can’t remember what happened. If anyone else can remember feel free to help us out. I’ll try to do better at keeping up with this in the future.

New plan for steer and chickens

Got more corn today; at $50.00 a pop the steer are bleeding us into financial anemia. The new plan is: I’m giving them a whole 50# bag of corn every a.m. – that’s all they get for the day. I have 11 or 12 bags now; I’ll make one more “purchase” of 500 lbs. and in the meantime I’ll schedule the steer’s demise. Not sure where the money for the butchering will come from, but I’ll figure it out.

The laying hens appear to be over their respiratory ailment, but they are not laying. We have two that are trying to set (both now in the same nest box.) We are going to medicate until the end of this week; then we’ll push the brooders off the nest, get rid of the old eggs, and attempt to jump start the laying again.

The meat chickens are also eating beyond our income. We found out the butchers for the chickens are on vacation, so the meat chickens have two more weeks. As soon as we can reach the butchers we’ll schedule the chickens to be freezer bound – hopefully within 3-4 weeks max.

9/12 March on Washington DC

This is from Fishermen’s Net News:

We are hearing rumors of a 9/12 March on Washington. I am checking into the possibility of taking a bus from this area. I offered a signup sheet of those interested and we have a bus almost ½ full already. The cost would be $45. Stay tuned on this project and I’ll let you know when things are set to go for sure. It would probably be structured much like the March for Life tour, leaving at midnight on 9/11 and returning at midnight 9/12. Sort of like the midnight ride of Paul Revere :0)
The Lord is sure stretching me as it’s not my cup of tea (no pun intended) to oversee a large group of people in Washington but I was reminded during the teaching of our country’s history that our fellow citizens in the 1700’s were ready to give their lives for freedom. So I guess the least I can do is ride a bus to add my voice to the hue and cry that is going up all over this country.

Kent: We will need to make a decision ASAP if we want to participate. I believe at this point I am going to commit. We can discuss this at our next meeting.