Working on the Garden at Oak Hill

Well, as mentioned in the previous Oak Hill post, we are doing an in ground garden instead of the lasagna style that Big Oak normally does.  So today I got my tractor back and went and picked up the plow and discs that go with it.  This worked super swell, well the plow did anyhow.  The discs, not so great.  Maybe need some more weight on the discs to make them work better.  We are cutting fresh ground here after all.  The plow rolled the sod well and also dug up a bunch of rock.  Eli helped me with it and we cut the ground first one way, then the other, but we ended up caught in the rain and had to quit before we were finished.  So once the weather breaks we will try the discs again with some more weight on them and see what happens.  We already planted a bunch of tomato plants and tried the straw/hay bale experiment.  It worked at the ridge, but it seems to be failing here.  We tried cucumbers in the hale bales and the are all dieing.  5 are still alive, but the rest have died.  We are going to try transplanting whats left in the dirt and see if we can save them.

On to some pix!

The Oak Hill Project

As many of you know, Shelli and I used to live at Big Oak Ridge in the old house.  In November we bought a house up on Oak Hill in Franklin.  I thought it was kind of fitting that we would move from Oak Ridge to Oak Hill.

This category listing will be for posts pertaining to the project here.  We are trying to take what we learned there and put it use here.

We have already planted pampas grass down one side of yard and started our garden.  We were going to do raised beds like Big Oak has, but there is not as much rock here and the dirt is nice.  So we decided to till and go the standard route.

Unfortunately, this meant digging up the whole thing by hand since it was too tough for our friends tiller to cut through.  Also there had been a swimming pool here so there was a big hole in the ground to fill in.  We spent $300 on dirt and only got about a quarter of it filled.

So hand digging, and pulling rocks out and using the small tiller to turn it up.  The garden will be small this year and we will slowly work on expanding it as time goes on.  I hope to post updates as we do stuff.