Working on “the vision”

We are endeavoring to fufill the “vision” for Big Oak Ridge, and pieces are slowly starting to come together.

Here’s one item we have a “plan” for:

Visting orphans and widows in their distress.

We recently sponsored a child through Compassion International. We have the opportunity, potentially, to help this child through his entire educational process to adulthood.

Additionally, we’ve realized that we can start working on this part of the “extended great commission” with our own family. We have plenty of older relatives who would enjoy a visit or a little looking after so we’ll start there and work our way out.

Paula and I are once again endeavoring to start daily devotions together. We have pursued this seemingly “easy” goal throughout our married life, but it seems we can never be consistent with it due to jobs, obligations, etc. Hopefully this time we can make it the priority it needs to be and maintain it.

I keep reviewing our “mission statement” and wondering how we can fufill the “extended great commission” that we say we are pursuing. Right now it feels like we have so many irons in the fire, and so many demands on our time; but I know that even in our present circumstances God is training and equipping us, and I trust that we will be able to accomplish all that God has for us to accomplish.

One encouraging thing, to me, is that the vision hasn’t changed much in 30+ years. When I go back and review it, and look at where we’ve been and where we’re at, we’re still pursuing the same things. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness, we’ve taken the long way around, but we’re really still “on course.” I take comfort in that.

Community, Co-Op, Communion, Fellowship, etc.

Our first “official” meeting of the New Year isn’t until January 4th; I’ve already had some inquiries from people wanting to garden on our property or be involved in our project here.

We do not yet have all the ground rules worked out for participation. As I mentioned on the forum, I realize that the following circumstances may all be included in our “vision”:

1. Some people will have their own land and just want to cooperate with us in some form, by supporting and/or coordinating and complimenting efforts in gardening, livestock, education, etc.

2. Some people will not have land, but live within easy traveling distance, and may want to work here in return for the opportunity to eat healthier and participate in the ministry aspects of the work, etc.

3. Some people may ONLY be interested in the ministry aspects of what we are doing, and want to come to our meetings just for some spiritual food and fellowship.

4. Some people may live at a distance, or just not have the time to come and work, etc. but want to have access to some of what we are producing in terms of safe, healthy food etc.

5. Some people may be participating in the educational and spiritual aspects of what we are doing via our blog, forum, etc.

I would like to be able to accommodate all of these different scenarios eventually.

We are still working out our “form of government”, rules for participation, etc. at this point.

One thing I think we’ve agreed on is that those who regularly attend meetings and who are able to contribute regularly, either with physical labor and/or financial support, have “first dibs” on being involved. If we are actually able to produce extra to sell, etc. then we can gradually begin to include other consumers.

The teachings and information that is gathered through our meetings etc. will be posted to our websites so number 5 above should be accommodated in any case.

This is just an update. Discussions need to continue on this topic – feel free to jump in!