Working on “the vision”

We are endeavoring to fufill the “vision” for Big Oak Ridge, and pieces are slowly starting to come together.

Here’s one item we have a “plan” for:

Visting orphans and widows in their distress.

We recently sponsored a child through Compassion International. We have the opportunity, potentially, to help this child through his entire educational process to adulthood.

Additionally, we’ve realized that we can start working on this part of the “extended great commission” with our own family. We have plenty of older relatives who would enjoy a visit or a little looking after so we’ll start there and work our way out.

Paula and I are once again endeavoring to start daily devotions together. We have pursued this seemingly “easy” goal throughout our married life, but it seems we can never be consistent with it due to jobs, obligations, etc. Hopefully this time we can make it the priority it needs to be and maintain it.

I keep reviewing our “mission statement” and wondering how we can fufill the “extended great commission” that we say we are pursuing. Right now it feels like we have so many irons in the fire, and so many demands on our time; but I know that even in our present circumstances God is training and equipping us, and I trust that we will be able to accomplish all that God has for us to accomplish.

One encouraging thing, to me, is that the vision hasn’t changed much in 30+ years. When I go back and review it, and look at where we’ve been and where we’re at, we’re still pursuing the same things. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness, we’ve taken the long way around, but we’re really still “on course.” I take comfort in that.

Christmas Project

I would like to undertake a group Christmas project this year. Because of the word of the Lord to me, I had some ideas we could consider:
1. Send an animal to a family in India.
2. “Adopt” a child in India
3. Send care packages to children in India
4. Adopt a family or child in Israel, or donate to the Israeli relief fund

I’m open to other ideas, and I’d like to know if the group is interested in doing this as a group project. We can discuss this on Sunday; we’d have to get started if we were going to do this.

An interesting conversation …

Tony and I had an interesting conversation today about what, exactly, Jesus may be asking of us. I am concerned about the fact that very little of my life is spent sharing the gospel. Often I am hesitant because it doesn’t seem an “opportune time”, or I don’t want to “cast my pearls before swine” etc. But I get to the end of a day, and I think “what have I done for the kingdom today?” the honest answer, most often, is “not much”.

I’m not claiming to have an answer at this point, I’m just working through this issue. As I have said before I think we need to move beyond sitting around telling EACH OTHER how good God is, and get out and tell the world. But I also think we have to DEMONSTRATE the love of Christ. Words will only get us so far, and the world can spot a charlatan a mile away. I want to know that I have the “real deal”, and that’s what I want to be sharing.

I still have far to go and much to learn …