Tommorow’s Meeting

We’ll be on Truth Project 5 part 2: Science (continued).
Paula: Hot Dogs
Shelli: Dessert
Sue: Fruit
Angie: Vegetable (Angie had her baby, I’m guessing she won’t be here. I haven’t heard from Tony yet.)
Penny: Buns

See ya there!

Today: Communion and Truth Project #5 – “Science, what is true?” Part 1

We will be celebrating communion today. We will also be sharing The fifth “tour” of the Truth Project. This is one of my favorites.

Truth Project Update

Where we’ve been so far:

1. Veritology: What is Truth?
2. Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who?
3. Anthropology: Who is Man?

4. Theology: Who is God?

Remember that there are resources and additional information available at for each lesson.

Just in time

This morning we have an inch of snow and more big flakes falling down. Looks like I got the garden cleaned out just in time. Yesterday I finished cleaning up squash, peppers and watermelons. Now I’m done until somebody bags a deer:)
KC is working on the storage room wall. It’s much easier to get things done with a little heat in the basement.

Where’s my long underwear?

WOW…yesterday was the first frost…today is the first snow…36 degrees and big soppy wet flakes.


Thanks, Tony, for leading the Truth Project series. I’m really enjoying this.

Thanks everyone, that prayed for the sick among us. Paula was stiff this morning when she got up, but we’re continuing the fight. Haven’t heard an update on Gary and his family yet.

Let’s all remember to pray for one another.

First Truth Project went well

I thought today meeting went well.  I need to find a different program for watching DVD’s since VLC seemed to have a couple issues, but the TV was easy to see and the volume was plenty loud enough.  I thought that overall it went pretty well.  The basement is a nice big area to have meetings in.

Basement ready, Truth Project on tap

Truth Project starts Sunday. We had another exciting provision from the Lord – $139.00 TV mount for $14.00. They went on “extreme sale” at K-Mart shortly before I got there.

Randy has been working on the heat in the basement (thanks, Randy!) The lights are up, the chairs are up. I think we’ll be ready.

High Winds

It sure was fun trying to sleep last night with the wind howling around the house…that means that summer is over….the temperatures will drop and frost will be on it’s way.
The chickens sure didn’t like the windy day…only 7 eggs.
Just when we thought it was safe to put the canner away…my Dad brought a box of pears. We canned 16 quarts of pears…small but tasty. I’ll make a couple more quarts of peppers today.

Basement clean up

Saturday we worked for about 6 hours in the basement…eeew! We have an infestation of spiders and millipedes.
I finished the touch up on the bedroom paint and urethaned the window sills (finally.)
Ryan helped Dad move furniture and other stuff for a hour or so…queen bed down and bunk beds up and worms to the garage (they have a nasty case of fruit fly-itis and I couldn’t handle that inside any more.)
We scrubbed and cleaned and moved and tossed and got things ready for our first session of The Truth Project. We are moving home group to the basement for the winter. Hopefully the heat will go in this week. Thanks Randy!