Basement ready, Truth Project on tap

Truth Project starts Sunday. We had another exciting provision from the Lord – $139.00 TV mount for $14.00. They went on “extreme sale” at K-Mart shortly before I got there.

Randy has been working on the heat in the basement (thanks, Randy!) The lights are up, the chairs are up. I think we’ll be ready.

2009.05.10 Mother’s Day

Discussion on the sacramental aspects of the family unit.

2009.05.03 Spiritual Warfare part 2

Randy will continue the discussion on spiritual warfare.

What works for one …

Last year I did the YMCA thing through the winter, and I really enjoyed it. I was planning on doing that again this year, but could not afford it.

Now I’ve joined an exercise initiative at work modeled on the TV program “the great race” (I’ve never seen the program and know nothing about it). At work you get 1 mile of “credit” for every 15 minutes of continuous exercise that raises your heart rate. So now I’m using the treadmill, walking, etc. to earn mileage points at work.

I don’t know why, but I need this kind of external motivation to get me to “do the thing”. Whatever works I guess.

2009.04.12 Easter

No meeting this day.

2009.04.05 Sacraments Part 4: Communion

Fourth discussion of the sacraments. In addition to studying and discussing communion we will probably celebrate communion this week.

2009.03.01 Being led by the Spirit

Being led by the Spirit (Randy)
2009.03.01 This topic led to a lively discussion. I’m posting all of the notes here; this topic actually ended up spanning two weeks.[attachment=0]HowToHear1.jpg[/attachment]

2009.02.15 No Meeting

There will be no meeting on this Sunday.
Paula and I spent the weekend at Matt and Erika’s, meeting our new grandson. It was a really good weekend.

2008.12.21 Star of Bethlehem at Oil City Branch

We shared breakfast and the movie “The Star of Bethlehem” with our church family at Oil City Branch. The movie didn’t project as well as I had hoped, but it was great fellowship nonetheless.

2009.04.19 How we deal with sin

How do we deal with sin in our lives? What does it mean to repent? How do we make sure we’re in right standing with God, ready to do His good will?