Harvest Host approved and listed in Aprils directory

We were approved as a Harvest Host and got listed in the April directory. We can accommodate one rig. It is a slightly tricky back in spot, but an experienced driver should be just fine. There is wifi and electric available at the spot.

Signup over at http://harvesthosts.com to get your directory listings of free places to park.

Peonies Lillies and Tulips – Part 2

Some pictures of the (nearly) completed flower bed work.

Paula got a lot of work done on the herb beds, too.

It was great to have the grandkids to help!

East drive looking east

Looking west

Herb beds

Peonies, Lillies, and Tulips

Things are starting to bloom at Big Oak Ridge.

Mulching the peonies and lillies

Today we were blessed with another day of reasonable weather. We mulched around the peonies and lillies that form a border around the front drive. We also cleaned the “big coop” in preparation for the arrival of new chicks soon.

the second photo is a view of the fountain in front of the house and the flower beds. Tulips, grape hyacinths, jonquils, and daffodils are in full bloom this week.
Fountain and Tulips

Next Experiment: “straw bale” gardening

This year our gardening experiment is going to be “straw bale” gardening I think – provided, of course, we can get some straw bales. We have been “reading up” on the process and it sounds like it would work well as an adjunct to our regular “lasagna gardening” technique.

Here’s a link to a story about how to get started.

Here is a picture that illustrate different ways of building these beds:Check out this How To demonstration. This video is six parts…be sure to watch them all. It is very thorough.

I was also curious if bales could be conditioned without chemical fertilizers. Another site I found said to use manure tea during the initial watering phase.

As usual we’ll try to keep updates posted on this project.

Construction on the Workshop and Goat shed has begun

I have started working on the Workshop/Goat shed. I have had some help since my hand is still sore from being broken. Makes it hard to run a post hole digger. This will make a decent sized workshop and goat shed big enough for 3 or 4 goats. Maybe more. 🙂

Bed and Breakfast?

One of the things I have considered as a possible financial resource, and also as a way of promoting the goals of Big Oak Ridge, is to open a Bed and Breakfast. We can discuss this idea here and consider what that might entail.

Should we consider forming a non-profit corporation?

A non-profit corporation could have a number of advantages. It could serve as the land trust organization, holding the property of Big Oak Ridge for future generations etc. It could also provide a support organization for some of the purposes of Big Oak Ridge (education, etc.) This would take some research to weigh the pros and cons but it is something we may need to consider.

Costs, Fees, and Money Making Opportunities

I have had several thoughts about how to handle the financial aspects of Big Oak Ridge. One question we will have to answer is whether or not we will use membership dues or fees as part of our financial process. Thoughts anyone?

Another question is how to “charge” for things like produce, etc. As we develop the co-op side of Big Oak Ridge, we will need to come up with a reliable way to set costs for items sold, both for members and, potentially, for non-members.