The Colors of Spring-Pink and Red

As Spring continues to unfold, we welcome the next round of color….pink and red. The trees all over our county are beginning to bloom: weeping cherries, magnolias, peaches, redbuds, flowering crabs…a feast for the eyes.

On Big Oak Ridge, we are experiencing our own flavor of pink…creeping phlox fills the front flower beds with mounds of color.









The peach trees are blooming-even the one we thought we lost to the hard freeze last winter. These are the trees we grew from peach pits a few years ago. We are hoping that they will produce peaches again.








The flowering quince is beautiful this year. It is filled with the sound buzzing bees and singing birds. A welcome backdrop to our breakfasts on the front deck. Once the weather begins to break, we seldom eat indoors: we prefer to eat outside and enjoy our flowers.

quince close up


IMGP6897IMGP6896spikytulipWe have tulips of every color but some of the new ones are unusual shapes and colors. It’s no wonder that the full moon this month was called the “pink moon.” So many shades of pink and red. We are loving the palette of Spring. What is your favorite color?  We can’t decide.

Spring is FINALLY here!!

Probably the longest winter I have ever experienced is finally over!! When I posted last month, we were still dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. The past week, the weather took a turn for the better and we are now able to work outside and enjoy some pleasant days.

Spring clean up and pre-planting has begun. This past weekend we moved the laying hens and our two roosters from the big coop to the orchard coop in preparation for the arrival of 125 meat chicks. The orchard gives the layers plenty of room to run and scratch…with the added benefit of the chickens gathering bugs that are attracted to the fruit trees.




I was able to do some garden cleanup last week. I weeded the asparagus beds and several empty beds…soon it will be time to plant peas. The garlic is up and I found some spinach that wintered over and is greening up nicely. YUM!!



The daffodils are really beginning to open up and add some color to the flower beds. It’s always a delight to finally see green and growth after all these long months.





I’ll be posting more on our 2015 projects soon…keep watching for updates on the goats, the new garden beds and a surprise addition to the Ridge.

Peonies Lillies and Tulips – Part 2

Some pictures of the (nearly) completed flower bed work.

Paula got a lot of work done on the herb beds, too.

It was great to have the grandkids to help!

East drive looking east

Looking west

Herb beds

Peonies, Lillies, and Tulips

Things are starting to bloom at Big Oak Ridge.

Mulching the peonies and lillies

Today we were blessed with another day of reasonable weather. We mulched around the peonies and lillies that form a border around the front drive. We also cleaned the “big coop” in preparation for the arrival of new chicks soon.

the second photo is a view of the fountain in front of the house and the flower beds. Tulips, grape hyacinths, jonquils, and daffodils are in full bloom this week.
Fountain and Tulips