Community Discussion

We are still interested in the idea of Community, but it is much harder in reality than in theory.

One of the things I struggle with is how to incorporate “free market economics” into a community.

I recently heard of one community that uses an exhange system based on “credits.” It costs x number of credits to stay in the community each month. Jobs that need done in the community are posted on a board, along with an assigned credit value. If no one takes the job at the initial value, the credit value is increased until someone agrees to do the job.

Interesting concept. We’ve discussed doing the same thing with “real” money – charge “rent” for living at the community, and then pay “wages” for doing jobs that need done. I think I like the credit idea better though, since no money would exchange hands – it’s more like barter.

Perhaps if an individual started having credit “debt” (they weren’t doing enough work to pay their monthly fee0 then a dollar amount could be assigned to the value of their credit and they could be given a month to pay, or leave the community…

Peonies Lillies and Tulips – Part 2

Some pictures of the (nearly) completed flower bed work.

Paula got a lot of work done on the herb beds, too.

It was great to have the grandkids to help!

East drive looking east

Looking west

Herb beds

Just in time

This morning we have an inch of snow and more big flakes falling down. Looks like I got the garden cleaned out just in time. Yesterday I finished cleaning up squash, peppers and watermelons. Now I’m done until somebody bags a deer:)
KC is working on the storage room wall. It’s much easier to get things done with a little heat in the basement.

Basement ready, Truth Project on tap

Truth Project starts Sunday. We had another exciting provision from the Lord – $139.00 TV mount for $14.00. They went on “extreme sale” at K-Mart shortly before I got there.

Randy has been working on the heat in the basement (thanks, Randy!) The lights are up, the chairs are up. I think we’ll be ready.

Basement clean up

Saturday we worked for about 6 hours in the basement…eeew! We have an infestation of spiders and millipedes.
I finished the touch up on the bedroom paint and urethaned the window sills (finally.)
Ryan helped Dad move furniture and other stuff for a hour or so…queen bed down and bunk beds up and worms to the garage (they have a nasty case of fruit fly-itis and I couldn’t handle that inside any more.)
We scrubbed and cleaned and moved and tossed and got things ready for our first session of The Truth Project. We are moving home group to the basement for the winter. Hopefully the heat will go in this week. Thanks Randy!


So thankful for Friday. Not that we will have much rest this weekend, but at least we will be together.
It seems that my “kids” are all going through the same phase at once….they repeat everything over and over…my least favorite phase. I need earplugs:)
Not much happening outside the last few days. My 5+ foot tall cosmos FINALLY bloomed only to snap off the very same day…at least they look pretty in the vase.
Ryan has been slowly but surely working on the workshop/goat-shed…the gnats have been nearly unbearable this week.
I have been dogging away at the basement bedroom. It needs a bit more touch up, paint-wise and then a thorough scrubbing before we can move furniture. We only have one week to get the basement in order for the Truth Project.
This morning I rounded up a truck load of stuff for Shelli to take to Harry & Amelia’s yard sale. That got rid of a bit of junk in the basement. Later, I replaced the torn border in the nap room and killed a few more spiders.
Tonight we have dinner with Dave & Iva and Brian & Lori-good times…I’ll be roasting a chicken.
Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for 80% chance of rain…not sure if we’ll be able to do anything outside but there is enough to do in the basement to keep us busy all weekend.
Sunday is Home Group-the men are”cooking” and cleaning up-nice. In the evening, my folks will come for dinner.

New Chairs! Woo Hoo!

Today we were able to purchase twenty chairs for the community meetings. These chairs will be used this fall/winter when we are working on our video series.