Community Discussion

We are still interested in the idea of Community, but it is much harder in reality than in theory.

One of the things I struggle with is how to incorporate “free market economics” into a community.

I recently heard of one community that uses an exhange system based on “credits.” It costs x number of credits to stay in the community each month. Jobs that need done in the community are posted on a board, along with an assigned credit value. If no one takes the job at the initial value, the credit value is increased until someone agrees to do the job.

Interesting concept. We’ve discussed doing the same thing with “real” money – charge “rent” for living at the community, and then pay “wages” for doing jobs that need done. I think I like the credit idea better though, since no money would exchange hands – it’s more like barter.

Perhaps if an individual started having credit “debt” (they weren’t doing enough work to pay their monthly fee0 then a dollar amount could be assigned to the value of their credit and they could be given a month to pay, or leave the community…