Busy day in the Kitchen!

Today was a busy day in the Kitchen! Paula made Ketchup, Mayonaisse, Pizza, Cottage Cheese, and flax seed crackers. All Locavorian!

We’veĀ  been looking for a good home made ketchup recipe and this one definitely worked. The Mayonaisse turned out very well also. Paula is really on a roll here! The pizza crust was made from whole wheat pastry flour from God’s Little Garden, a local source of organic foods. The flour came from the Frankferd Farms, which is within our established “Locavore” trading radius.

She also made some heart shaped spice cakes in honor of St. Valentine and cinnamon bread in honor of, well, me. She’s just an awesome wife like that. The cake and bread were not locavore, but they sure were good.

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