Busy Day at Big Oak Ridge

Six chickens down, 12 to go…

Last year we tried Buff Brahmas as our chicken breed; they were advertised as a “good multipurpose bird, good setters, large and heavy, producing good quantities of brown eggs.”

Well, that’s the experimental part of “experimental, sustainable, reproducible.” Turns out the Buff Brahmas were not sustainable.

Three hens went broody, but out of 3 dozen eggs we hatched 6 chicks. The entire way through the winter, with a dozen hens on feed, we got 2-4 eggs per day. Many days we got no eggs.

We’ve ordered Rhode Island Reds this year, and today six of the Buff Brahmas found their way to the freezer. The rest will follow shortly.

We also pruned our fruit trees today, took down some fence in the garden, and of course cared for our small goat herd.

We have a new renter who moved in today as well.

Now for some home made coconut pie and few minutes of respite before bed.


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