A steel pole building is much more cost effective to put in and will last longer with less maintenance. I figured on leveling where my wood pile is and putting it there. It’s right at the end of the driveway in an area that isn’t used for much, but yet close enough to the house. Also it’s close to the wood stove so there won’t be loss of heat when heating it. I hope to use it partially as an office and a garage so heat is essential. It would be partially funded by NIC since it would used as an office.

A rough cut from scratch building has one extra benefit. I could build it two story and have offices in the upstairs. The rough cut look won’t matter really if I get real siding on my house. The steel buildings come in all kinds of colors and I would just make it match the house. The steel buildings can be disassebled and moved if you really needed to, but a rough cut building is permanent and has to burned down.

Again with the sweat and time to build a rough cut building. Do you have time, coz I sure don’t.

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