Big Brother is watching – is he also destroying evidence?

Is the Department of Agriculture for the state of Illinois hiding something? According to this story from, there’s quite a buzz in Illinois (and elsewhere) over the treatment of a certain beekeeper.

First, a little history. Terrence Ingram, the beekeeper in question, is a highly qualified professional with many years of apiary experience. During the past fifteen years Mr. Ingram has been investigating the possibility of a link between Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide in colony collapse in the United States. His research was getting close enough to a conclusion that it apparently made some people in high positions nervous.

On March 14, 2012, while the Ingrams were not at home, the Illinois Department of Agriculture entered Mr. Ingram’s private property and stole $5,000 worth of bees and apiary equipment. Interestingly enough, the theft specifically targeted the bees that Mr. Ingram was using in his research regarding Monsanto’s Roundup.

One quote is particularly chilling to me; Tom Kocal of the Prairie Advocate News quotes Mr. Ingram as saying:

“I own four businesses. I am here all the time. Yet they took our bees and hives when we were not home. What did they do, sit up on the hill and watch until we left? We had not yet had our day in court to prove that our hives did not have foulbrood!”

This quote reminded me of the surveillance that was conducted against Linda and Larry Faillace and others as documented in the movie Farmageddon. It is clear to me that there is a terrorist war being waged against anyone who dares to challenge the supreme powers of the USDA, the FDA, and State Agricultural agencies, and against those who dare to oppose the deadly six corporations who control most of the agricultural industry in the United States.

to add insult to injury, after his bees were stolen from his private property without due process, Ingram was ordered to pay a fine for not destroying the bees; however, as the department of agriculture itself acknowledged, no evidence was ever provided that the department had “abated” the bees either. In fact, the department has refused to say what it did with the bees, or where they are now.

As of June 2012 Ingram had filed a petition for reconsideration. Interestingly, the most recent update I could find on the web was this podcast interview with Off the Grid Radio.

You can watch an interview with Terry Ingram about his ordeal below:

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