Be Anxious for Nothing…

beanxiousfor nothingYour vocabulary lesson for this Holiday season: Anxious vs. Eager. Only two more sleeps until Christmas and many are thinking they will have to sacrifice sleep just to get everything done on time and make Christmas “perfect.” I hear people say, “I’m anxious for my kids to come home.” or “I’m anxious to see if the kids like their gifts.” or are you “anxious” to try out that new recipe you found on-line? Let me remind you today that Philippians 4:6 says that we are to be anxious… for nothing. Let me suggest that you are “eager” (happily excited and expectant) for this wonderful time of the year. Make a conscious effort to replace the word anxious with the word eager this season and all though the year. If you are feeling anxiety, Philippians also gives instruction on relieving the tension and refocusing on what’s really important.
Merry Christmas!!

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