Basil’s New Apartment

Our major goal this weekend was to make a new “apartment” for our buck, Basil. When we got Basil,  he was a nice “little” fellow weighing about 90 lbs. In the past seven months, he has blossomed into full man-goathood tipping the scales at about 160 with lovely curving horns. His harem now numbers seven does and six kids with more babies due any day. He has developed an interesting habit of walking on his hind legs when Kenton enters the pen; bringing him to a height of almost seven feet tall. He is turning into quite a handful.
We decided in the interest of safety for ourselves and our does, that Basil needed his own stall…so we headed out on Friday eve to purchase some lumber. That was an adventure in itself as our truck battery decided to die suddenly and thoroughly without any prior warning. Fortunately, we were in the parking lot of Tractor Supply. I have to say, if you must break down, that seems to be a good place to find plenty of helpful Samaritans. These folks are not afraid to stick their hands under your hood, poke around and offer to “give you a jump.” And we are thankful!!
So…we borrowed our grandson to help Papa hold boards while Gramma taught a gardening seminar and launched into another fun weekend.
Saturday was clear and brisk as the “guys” rounded up tools and headed for the barn. They made a healthy start by lunchtime and I joined them after lunch to lend extra hands.
By 5:00 PM, we had a lovely new stall with eight foot sides and a sturdy gate. It took a bit of wrestling to get Basil away from his girls and into his new digs and he was quite vocal about his displeasure…but today he seems to be settling in nicely.
Check that off the list!!

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