Back to the grind! Watch out for mountain lions!

New Year’s Day was a day of planning and reflection and making lists…always optimistic that we will finish the list of projects before the end of the new year.
Today we are back to the grind…Kent in his office and me in the Day Care space. The kiddos sure didn’t want to be back on schedule any more than we did…they promptly went back to sleep.
I guess my day will be much like any other day…milk to skim, meals to plan, laundry…the usual.
The fields are white and beautiful and it has been VERY quiet in the neighborhood. We did receive a phone call on New Year’s Eve from one of our neighbors….he had spotted some large tracks in his yard and followed them in a circuit around the surrounding area. He says one of the other neighbors had seen a “large cat.” The cougar/mountain lion rumors have been circulating in our area for several years even though the Game Commission denies their existence. Just a little element of excitement and a reason to keep the goats closed in at night. Happy New Year!

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