April showers…

 Our long snowy winter has turned into an even longer wetter spring. We are dodging rain drops in an attempt to put in the garden I have planted broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts that I grew from seed. Last  week Keturah and I planted beets and carrots. The other night Ryan and Shelli helped me weed and plant 3 more beds…we planted peas and onions.  I put in a few  Butternut squash plants too. Now the main garden is full-since half of it is strawberry plants. The berries are blooming and it is looking like we’ll get a good crop this year. I planted tomatoes and a few vines (not sure if they’re melons or cukes) in our experimental straw bales. Kent is faithfully working on more beds so that I can finish planting– peppers, potatoes and beans. In spite of the nasty weather, we are ahead of schedule for the year.

Last Saturday we fenced the main garden….deer love starawberry plants. This is phase one of our double ring of fence  around the garden with chickens inside. Hopefully we will finish before the chicks get old enough to go out.

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