Animals of the Farms and clearing more cow pasture

Today I had Ashlynne go take pictures of the farm animals to post so you can all see how they are doing. The chicken are laying. We have been getting a dozen eggs a day (they are for sale if you want some). They are also very friendly, they peck you boots when you gather eggs and let you pick them up and move them without a fight.



The cows are getting pretty big. It was a bummer to have to winter them over, but it was not that much work and it didn’t seem like it cost that much either. The pasture is a lot of wet yucky mud right now. We will get the rest of the fence up as soon as the ground thaws.


Today we worked on clearing more pasture for the cows and the goats. We were mainly clearing were the greenhouse will go. This means more firewood, but it also means my arms hurt.


Also assembled a greenhouse frame. Now we just have to measure it and get plastic on it.

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