A quick clarification …

Randy brought to my attention after the meeting tonight that I kind of left part of my subject “undeveloped” or at least not fully developed.

I was discussing the tripartite man: body, soul, spirit. The point I was attempting to make was NOT that we are not tripartite, but that normally I think we view the soulish man as more connected to the physical realm – that is, we think of the “mind, will, emotions” as a function of the brain. I was trying to share that I am beginning to believe the soul is more closely tied to the spirit than the flesh, and may NOT be a function of the brain at all – that what we think of as the “mind, will, emotions” may have existed in Satan (Lucifer), who is non-corporeal (no body, hence, no brain) and therefore these things may not be a function of the brain.

I’m not ready, at this point, to make a doctrinal statement out of this. There are other aspects of this subject that could be examined more closely – for example, whether or not the soul is immortal, whether it is redeemed by the blood of Jesus, etc.

I don’t want this to confuse anyone, or scare anyone off. The bigger picture I was seeing had to do with how we understand faith, and how that impacts our actions. I was trying to “make the bridge” between the spiritual and the temporal, and how God (and how we) call “those things that are not as though they are, creating what is seen (the temporal) out of what is not seen (the spiritual).

If this needs more clarification please let me know.

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