A harvest of the non-vegetable kind.

When people think about how to eat local through the winter, they often focus on vegetables and fruits that they can grow or acquire within their area. Here at Big Oak Ridge, our harvest also includes meat, milk and eggs. While people are familiar with freezing/canning local meat, they don’t often consider that milk and eggs can also be preserved during the spring/summer abundance. Right now is the prime time for chickens to be laying eggs. During this time, we freeze excess eggs for those times when the days get darker and cooler and the hens slow down in production.  In order to freeze eggs, you have to break the yolks. We start by deciding how many eggs we need in each package, one or two for baking, three or four for breakfast or a dozen or more for noodle making.  Mark a zip bag with the date and amount of eggs…much easier to do BEFORE you pour in the eggs.  Put the required amount of eggs in a small pitcher and stir brisky with a fork.   Pour the eggs in the bag and squeeze out the excess air; lay flat to freeze.    This is a great way to preserve eggs for winter use. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook published in 1896 recommends rubbing eggs with oil or butter and putting them in sawdust…I guess I’m not brave enough to try that yet. The heritage farm near my daughter’s house has jars of pickled eggs that they have preserved using an old recipe…I may try that this year since we’re growing scads of beets.  Happy Harvesting!


A harvest of the non-vegetable kind. — 1 Comment

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