July Garden Pests

Things are well underway on the Ridge. Planting is completed (for now) and weeding has commenced. We lost our source of wood chips so we’re battling weeds again. I have been hand-weeding around plants while hubby keeps between the rows neat with the mini tiller.

This year has been a struggle with cucumber beetles. We lost most of our first planting to beetle damage. Last year friend introduced us to a product called Tanglefoot and  I purchased some Tangle Trap and put it to use when I replanted squash and cucumbers.

Since cucumber/squash beetles are drawn to bright yellow squash flowers, I painted a few sticks and waited for them to dry. Then I coated them with Tangle Trap and stuck them among the squash and cucumbers. They seemed to attract more than beetles but the it definitely seems to be helping the beetle population.

I noticed some eggs on the leaves of the plants so I also dusted with diatomaceous earth. I hope that takes care of the problem so we can enjoy plenty of squash this season.