Just in Time!

We have been “juicing” as part of our diet, and we’ve found that one of the challenging (and expensive) aspects of juicing in NW PA is adding fresh greens to the juice.

It happens, however, that we had some very nice kale plants in the garden that were still producing nice, large leaves at the beginning of November. This fact, coupled with some unseasonably mild weather, gave us the “push” we needed to finally get some simple row covers going.

We had some battens left over from siding our barn. We cut two 10 foot lengths and three 4 foot lengths and screwed these together for the bottom of the frames. Next we cut lengths of 1/2 inch black plastic pipe for the ribs. and screwed those onto the base. We used 1/2 inch CPVC pipe (because it’s straight) for the spines, attaching the spine to the ribs with zip strips.


We built two of the 4′ x 10′ frames to start – enough to cover our remaining kale and our leeks.


As it turned out, we got over our procrastination and got the project done just in time. This picture was taken within 1/2 hour of setting the second row cover: