Fall Fun!

We had a lovely weekend. Last Friday I was at Home Depot looking at mums for a bit of color in the front flowerbeds and discovered a demo fountain at 1/2 off…I’ve had my eye on this fountain, but couldn’t swallow the price. I have missed having a fountain and told Hubby that if they went on clearance this year, I was buying one. Demo price was even better than clearance, so I bought it!!

Our flowerbeds have been sadly neglected during harvest season so it took a bit of work to even find bare dirt. The mums aren’t blooming yet so it was hard to pick colors and I think I ended up with 8 out of 10 all the same color…oh well, it’s better than weeds.

I realize it’s a bit late to put up a fountain, but we agreed that we would enjoy it for a month. We also strung some lights in our canopy and spent the evening watching the lunar eclipse.

We had a great fall bike ride down the trail to the village of Brandon and back…about 22 miles. The leaves are starting to fall and the weather was perfect. No photos of that as we just enjoyed the ride.

It was a great weekend!