Getting Ready for Bed

This time of year reminds me of family evenings when our kids were small.

We are almost done with the harvest for this year. As always, some things did well, some things did not so well, but the freezer and larder are fairly full and we are just about ready to go into “hibernation.” It’s time to start getting ready for bed. We keep thinking of “just one more thing” we can do before we actually get tucked in though.

This will be a year of change for us; the goats are gone – we could no longer justify the cost based on the return we were getting. That means I need to get the barn cleaned out and ready for the next “repurposing.”

Gone, too, is Moshe: a great dog in so many ways, but he needed more space and more animals to “herd” than we could provide. I hope he’s happy, herding cattle at his new home.

Next year is looking like more birds, less four footed animals. We plan to raise more meat chickens and maybe revisit the idea of getting a self-sustaining flock started. We will have to consider the pastures, though: with the goats gone there will be no one to keep the growth in check. We may yet end up with a cow, a llama, or some other herbivorous lawn mower/brush cutter/etc.

We’ve also started construction of another garden; I still have hope that I can get it done this year, so it is ready to plant next year, but time is rapidly running out. [“Put your toys away son; it’s time for bed!”]

We have carrots and sweet potatoes left to harvest, as well as some “odds and ends” like leeks, remaining tomatoes, and parsnips. It’s also time to start putting to bed the rows that are already empty, making sure they are ready for next year. [“You can play some more tomorrow, but right now it’s time to be done. Clean up your mess and get your pj’s on.”]

What are you working on at your little piece of heaven? I expect the work I have remaining to finish will leave me tired and ready for “a long winter’s nap.”