Moshe the farm dog-update

Seven weeks ago we rescued  an Australian Shepherd-mix (?) puppy. Moshe was dumped at our farm one stormy afternoon. He arrived soaking wet and only 12 pounds. He has grown into an active four month old- based on our assessment and the vet’s best guess. He has also gained 15 pounds! Moshe is smart and busy- a joy and a challenge.

Yesterday, Moshe went to the clinic for The Snip…no unwanted puppies from this boy. 😉 Last eve he was pretty miserable with his “cone of shame.”





His discharge instructions say, “no running, jumping or strenuous activity…keep indoors and calm for 7 to 10 days…”   He is MISERABLE!!  We have had a few quiet walks on the leash but it’s not the same as playing ball for 30-60 minutes each day. It will be hard to keep this farm dog still.