Making Jerky

Winter on the Ridge is usually time to try new things. This year we decided to try jerky. One of my Day Care dads always brings me homemade jerky and it is so yummy. When I asked him what his secret was, he told me he used a “jerky gun.”  My reply was, “a what???” He told me to imagine a caulking gun that shoots meat. 🙂 Interesting.

I did a bit of checking on Amazon and read some reviews before purchasing a jerky gun for hubby for his December birthday. Since he was in the hospital over his birthday and then we rolled into the holidays and the hectic new year, we haven’t had time to test the latest gadget

Yesterday our friends came to spend the evening, so hubby decided it would be a good time to try out the jerky gun. It was pretty easy, mix packets of spices with a pound of hamburger and shoot onto cookie sheets covered with parchment paper. We opted for using the oven  set on low, instead of the dehydrator. Since it was not done when we went to bed, we agreed to check it when we got up through the night to use the bathroom-that happens when you get older. I checked it twice before deciding at 3:00 a.m. that it was done enough to turn off. It took about 7 hours on low to dry the jerky.

The results? One pound of goat burger netted a quart bag of jerky with minimal effort. The directions said to add some cayenne pepper if you wanted spicier jerky…we didn’t do that and our end product was a bit bland. In retrospect, I would have added the cayenne pepper.

Have you ever made jerky?