Another “gift” from Our Father

God is good – ALL THE TIME!!!

Today we sat down and went over finances etc. in preparation for some things we need to do here at the Ridge.

One of the pressing needs was a new dining table. We moved our old table to The Bowman House, knowing we would need to have a new one sooner rather than later with the holidays coming up.

We had some friends that got an amazing table from the Amish, and we knew that’s what we wanted. But we also knew we had some very specific criteria.

I wanted a pedestal table, but Paula wanted one with legs (we had looked at a couple of pedestal tables that just seemed a little “tippy”, and the feet of the pedestal protruded so far it made it hard to find a place for your feet under the table.)

We wanted the table to be wide enough to seat two people comfortably on each end. We measured our old table, which is “almost” wide enough for two people on the end at 35 inches. So we felt we needed just  a few more inches of width. I also wanted the ends gently rounded because I think that makes it more comfortable for the folks on the end, and I DON’T like sharp corners on a table (I bruise easily, and I’m rather prone to  running into things, especially in the dark.)

I wanted to be able to seat 16 people at our new table, but I also wanted it to fold up smaller when we weren’t doing one of our “banquets.” We figured out the space needed, and how much our current dining room could actually hold, etc. – and we came up with a length of 12 feet [BIG TABLE.]

So, after a lot of careful planning and praying, we set off for the Amish Furniture store. The day was absolutely gorgeous and we drove through some amazing countryside. We figured the “road trip” was totally worth it just for that!

45 minutes later we arrived at Byler’s Oak Furniture. It turns out they have a fairly large showroom, which we did not expect. We spent quite a bit of time just looking around in the shop.

Finally we spoke to the proprieters about what we were looking for. As we were explaining our needs we were standing next to a beautiful table in the showroom that looked like it would seat 8 people. I looked at the table and said “This is beautiful. This is pretty much what I was picturing.” The woman who was talking to us said, “That was a special order table, and when we got it the customer decided she didn’t want it because she didn’t like the legs. We just brought this out to the showroom.” “How many leaves does it have?” “8 – the woman who ordered it wanted to be able to seat her whole family around the table. It opens up to 12 feet.” We measured the width – 42 inches.

SERIOUSLY – WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? The table is a pedestal table, but because of the extra width the pedestals don’t get in the way. (Paula sat at it to try it out, and agreed that the feet were “out of the way” enough to make it work.)  It seats 8 when it is all closed up, seats 16 when fully opened – AND WE GOT TO BRING IT HOME WITH US!!! How cool is THAT?? With 4 leaves in, it fits fine in our existing dining room. With all of the leaves in it extends into our living room – for now (more on that later.)

We did have to order the chairs, but I will save that for another post, too.)

As if that wasn’t enough blessing for one day, on the way home we stopped and had practically the best lunch EVER at Grantham’s Landing Restaurant. (I love that place!)

SO… successful shopping trip, great date day with my wife, and a NEW TABLE just in time for Liberty Farm Exchange tomorrow.

I love my Abba-Father.