Crazy Fall continues-October

October began without much change…while Nia spent the night, KC traveled again for work. I started the final garden clean up by pulling up the last of the tomatoes and green beans. I also pulled up two beds of Great Northern beans for soup and spent many hours shelling and processing them. All of the mold and garden dust took its toll and I began  three weeks of snot and coughing. A good chance to practice using the essential oils I bought at the Mother Earth News Fair.
Our weekends were filled with preparations for winter…cleaning the barn and the chicken coop, doing final garden harvest: celery, sweet poatoes and squash-plus saving some flower seeds. We also planted garlic for the first time…we’ll see how that goes.
As a reward for all of the hard work, we took a bike ride at Moraine State Park…an awesome 14 miles along beautiful Lake Arthur. Fall biking is my favorite: with the leaves crunching under your tires and the crisp fall air, there is nothing finer to end a busy week.
Week three was another trip for KC and a chance for me to get some cleaning and paperwork done. I managed to sneak in a 36 hour respite when I had two unexpected days off…I spent an entire afternoon at our friends’ pond and caught 33 fish…that was fun.
Weekend number three was more winter preparations. We butchered the extra roosters and the wether. We also gave the goats vaccinations and worming as well as trimming their hooves. Our break this week was trip to Red Lobster to use a gift card then on to Tractor Supply for wood chips, winter gear and a pasture gate. Sunday was Farm Exchange group…always a great discussion time. Afterwards we finished cutting and grinding the goat meat. Whew!
We have more fun scheduled for the rest of the month…maybe I can keep you posted a little sooner…stay tuned!