Work Day at Big Oak Ridge

Today is a work day at Big Oak Ridge. The weather is threatening to be uncooperative, but it may not matter. We only have a certain number of days to get stuff done, and since 5/7 of our days are taken up by our day jobs, we have to get everything else done in the few days left.

On today’s agenda is cleaning the barn, putting up fence, and general clean up. We’ll see how far we get!


TristianRocksWell, it turned out to be a perfect “Praise The Lord” spring day on the Ridge. The weatherman predicted a rainy miserable day but we awoke to sunshine and 50 degrees. By 9:00 am we were outside and working. We did chores, trimmed a few apple trees and pulled down the old fence around the orchard.


Ryan and Shelli and the kids came to help give us a boost in spring clean-up. The menfolk’s project was to hang new fence around the orchard. The kids, Shelli and I picked up gravel thrown into the yard by the snowblower. The we cut down and hauled some of the pampas grass….Ashlynne had her second farm driving lesson.

KentRyanFence    Paula_Shelli_Cut_Pampas

It rained during lunch but stopped so we could continue working. After lunch, the men carried up my seed starting rack and Shelli and I filled it with the trays we had planted on Wednesday. Ash cleaned up under the quince bushes, Keturah made me new earrings and Eli and Tristian opted to watch a movie. Shelli and I burned a BIG pile of brush and were thankful for the drizzly rain. A great day and much accomplished. I’m sure we used some muscles that haven’t been used all winter…but it felt great to be out!!