Is February Over Yet?

My resolve to post more frequently in 2014 sure didn’t last long. After a crazy January which ended with a trip to frigid Illinois to visit the new grandbaby, we launched into the deep, dark month of February with a house guest and an 80th birthday dinner for Kenton’s mom. Then he left for a six day “Fly In” at Corporate and I battled freezing conditions to tend to critters and keep the snow cleared while he was gone.
It was a month of struggles as the snow continued to pile up and temperatures dipped below zero on many days. The local schools used up their allotment of snow days and the propane shortage caused some seriously uncomfortable days.
To maintain our sanity, we scheduled a few dinners with our friends and some evenings with local kids/grandkids…we had not seen any of them since Christmas 😛 We renewed our involvement in the local Tea Party, started a new Sunday School class and began attending Men’s and Women’s meetings at the our church. I also taught a cheese making class one Saturday morning, that is always fun.
For Valentine’s Day, we went to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh;  it helped with the winter blues just to see some birds among tropical foliage and hear water running. We stopped on the way home at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.
The month has been a serious challenge to keep with our eating goals when all we wanted to do was eat chocolate and comfort junk. Hopefully the sun will soon be shining and the snow will melt…it’s been a LONG month.