Curve Balls, Monkey Wrenches and Brand New Babies!!

When we last departed, I was puttering through the month making cheese, noodles and soup. We were dealing with  frigid temperatures, frozen water and life in Northwestern PA in January. In the past week, things just got REALLY crazy!
On Saturday we headed to the barn in the morning to start the mid-winter goat checks. We gave shots to the new babies, trimmed hooves and started a five day course of Di-Methox for the prevention of coccidiosis. After a very cold hour in the barn, we were thankful that we didn’t breed everyone this summer. Our new babies are growing quickly; they have tripled their birth weight in less than a month.
Later that morning, Ryan and his buddy, Rob came to help KC run some electric, then insulate and drywall in the storage room…remember, the project we started when we found the dead mouse? As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” In just a few hours we had a finished wall in the storage room after almost 12 years.
In the meantime, we had noticed that our water pressure was getting seriously bad…so the guys took apart a couple of pipes and realized that the supply line from the well to the house was nearly occluded…groan. Not much we could do at that point, so we headed off to our date night and waited for Monday morning to call The Well Guy.
On Sunday after church, we celebrated birthdays for two of our local grandkids…Eli turned nine and Tristian was turning seven year old. Crazy how fast life flies. Later that evening, we learned that grandbaby #10 would be making her appearance soon…her Momma was in labor. Hard to sleep that night 😉
Bright and early Monday morning, KC called The Well Guy…he gave us a few suggestions of things to try before he made a service call…we limped through Monday with dribbling water.
At 6:36 pm, Monday, Maggie Ann made her entrance into the world. We are so thankful for answered prayers and a successful VBAC for Momma.
Tuesday dawned with no results from the water fix suggestions, so it was back to the phone to call  The Well Guy…the end result, the well pump was dead and needed replaced. This is the third pump in the past 12 years…I venture to say that with all the fuss about the environment, the government would be better off forcing manufacturers to make quality goods with replaceable metal parts instead of this plastic junk with electronic components that barely last past the limited warranty.
It’s been a pretty wild week…a couple of nights we just popped lids off of veggie jars and ate simply.  Our canned meat makes speedy soups or quickie dinners. My favorite fall back plan is tossing meat and potatoes in the little roaster for an hour or so…just enough time to run to the barn, water the goats and give them medicine, gather eggs from the hens and get the mail. With a jar of sprouts for salad, we were able to do the winter locavore thing with a minimum of fuss.
The rest of the week is busy also…we laughed that we were wishing winter would slow down, as we have too many projects to complete before spring.
Until later, Paula