Our Crazy, Busy Life…

It’s hard to maintain a blog when you work from sun-up to sundown…I’ll try to hit the highlights of the last few weeks.
We had an excavator here for a few days…he enlarged our little swamp pond, built a level pad for our new buck pen, removed 5 old blue spruce trees…we also had  a bunch of stumps removed and cleaned out some briar patches (to enlarge the orchard.) The project also included a couple of new service roads. The downside is that we had to restring a bunch of goat fence and  now have an entire summer of landscaping to do, PLUS a repair to our chicken coop electric which accidentally got dug up.
The goat herd got a bit overwhelming with KC having some emergency travel for work and me putting my hip out PLUS the addition of 135 new chickens…something had to give…I ended up selling the three young milkers and three young wethers. With the babies I sold this spring for 4H projects, the herd is down to nine goats and only one milker. That helps!
We have been struggling to get our garden in this year for the same reasons listed above PLUS the very fickle weather…ranging from roasting hot in early May to freak frosts the end of May. We still have 200 cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants to set out and NO space left…I had to brainstorm that instead of planting more grass to mow, we should just plant them in the LARGE oval left after removing the trees. It may seem a bit odd to have cabbage in the front yard…but we’re down to whatever works here!!
The strawberries are starting to ripen…it doesn’t look like a bumper crop this year with the late frost and the fact that I severely weeded some old plants out.
We enjoyed a bumper crop of asparagus and even had enough to freeze. The rest of the garden is barely there…the tomatoes need fertilizer and the seedlings have JUST started to peek above the ground.
We have many fences to mend and new ones to build and a list of projects as long as your arm and leg put together 🙂 we hope to be able to escape for a few trips in our new kayaks.
Until next time…