2012.01.27 The WalMart Fast: ending with a BANG!

Well, the WalMart “fast” ended today. I had a doctor appointment and we were out of nearly everything non-foodish; contact lens solution, cleaning products, furnace filters, etc. So off to Wally World we went. It was a pretty traumatic experience.

Still, we did make it an entire 30 days without darkening the door of those of whom we do not speak; so at least we know it can be done.

One of our goals is to try to shop more locally for non-food items as well as food. We tried a little of that today and found (as we have in the past) that where we live local selection is very limited, it takes time and effort to try to shop small local vendors, and often thedesired item isn’t available. <SIGH>

We’ll have to work on this..

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