2012.01.26 The Long Way Home

I was off the “Locavore” wagon big time the last three days. I had to travel for business so I really couldn’t “eat local.” Seriously.

Today I had pizza for lunch from my company’s cafeteria (which is managed by an outside food service firm.) about 2 hours later I became VIOLENTLY ill on the way home. Not fun with a five hour drive in front of me! I quickly called Paula the Prayer-Warrior (whom I am fortunate to be married to.) She prayed for me over the phone and then got our ever ready band of praying friends fired up.

I started to feel better almost as soon as Paula prayed for me, and as I drove home my condition steadily improved. I am thankful, and more convinced than ever that I’d prefer to only ever eat local. You just don’t know what you’re putting in your system when you “eat out.”

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