2012.01.24 Experimental, Sustainable, Reproducible

You may not have noticed, but we’ve updated our header and our motto. Paula had to explain to me what we were doing, and then we had to get the words in the right order:

  • Experimental: we try things.
  • Sustainable: it worked the first time, and we can do it again. We can keep it going.
  • Reproducible: We can do this, and we can teach other people how to do it, too.

Paula has been spending a lot of time researching the needs of Big Oak Ridge. This is always the pattern with us – I get some big idea, and Paula (bless her heart) does the work of coming up with a plan to make the dream a reality.

Of course, sometimes Paula has to get a “vision” of her own. I mentioned that while we were on vacation at the beginning of the year we discussed where we were at and where we were headed. Paula has trouble wrapping her head around some of the grandiose ideas I come up with, but she can handle the smaller tasks that lead up to a bigger outcome.

The result of Paula’s work already this year:

  • We are getting raw milk.
  • We’ve filmed three little educational videos in the “Big Oak Ridge Kitchen Series.”
  • We purchased and/or watched the videos “Fresh” and “Food, Inc.”
  • We launched into the “100 mile diet“challenge.
  • We avoided WalMart for a solid month (just as a matter of personal discipline.)

We are already thick into prepping for the New Year; soon we’ll be making out seed orders and perhaps even building a second planting rack. We’re discussing chickens, goats, Turkeys, and cows – what they’re doing now, what they need, what we want to do about them.

We have some guests coming to spend a Sunday afternoon with us and learn about our vision and our plans.

It’s going to be a very busy year at Big Oak Ridge.

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